Name:_______________________________     Birth Date:______________
Address: ______________________________________________________
City: ________________________ State: _______  Zip _________________
Phone: (Work) ______________________  (Home) _____________________
(Cell): _________________________ Email: __________________________
Specific horse from our web page? __________________________________
What qualities do you prefer:
Gender: _________________   Height: (hands) __________    Age: _______
Have you worked with Thoroughbreds off the track before? (Explain):
How long have you been riding? __________
Discipline: (Ex: jumpers, trail, dressage, eventing) _______________________
Do you consider yourself a beginner, intermediate or advanced rider? (Circle one).
Have you ever owned your own horse, and for how long? ____________
Have you ever sold a horse through an auction? If yes, explain:
Will you be working with a trainer? (Please give his/her name, if applicable):
INTENDED USE FOR HORSE: __________________________________________
 Where will horse be stabled? (Address): ___________________________________
 If horse is to be boarded, please supply owner/farm manager’s name and contact  number:
How many acres is the farm/how many horses are boarded/live there? __________
What type of shelter is available for the horse: (ie.10 x 12 stall, field, run-in shed)
What kind of fencing? ___________________________
How will you transition your horse to his new home, new pasture mates, new
schedule, new training, new routine?
Veterinarian: ___________________________________________________________    
Character Reference: (someone who knows your ability/experience with
horses ie. Barn manager, trainer, riding partner, etc.)
Please provide at least two photographs of the facility where your Thoroughbred will live.
Re-Homing Inquiry & Application
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